Song Frequency

2017-04-26 00:39:32 by Zechnition

I haven't been publishing very much music lately, therefore I'm making it my goal to at least make more music than waterflame.  =P

More songs soon!  :3 


2016-02-15 20:27:39 by Zechnition

I swiched to Ableton Live 9, better that Garageband.  =P

Music for Games and Movies

2015-09-10 19:37:03 by Zechnition

Remember everyone even though my songs say,

"You may not use this work for commercial purposes without making specific arrangements with the artist."

As long as you PM me whatever game you are making and what song you are using, you can use all songs commercialy free of charge.


2015-06-23 20:24:56 by Zechnition

Zechnition saying hello