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Some thing to say please don't post "early" games with lost of bugs and bad systems. Keep these to yourself.

Hobeo1 responds:


Please tell us how to use controls.

I saw some glitches with the maze tiles try setting exact positions so they don't overlap as this is probably causing this and I can see your "win" text through the walls, you can change this to UI if you know how to use them.

Generally (and I see this a lot) put time into your games and don't post the first one you make(mine was bad as well).

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This song does a lot of cool things, but I feel like some of the structural choices take away from the feeling that the song is trying to convey. Not that these choices are bad necessarily, but that they feel kinda half-hazard, one might even say structurally dissonant. One example is the chord progression and melody around 3:33.

In addition, I wish that you could've played with some of your melodies a bit more. Past about 2:00 the melodies tend to be relatively simple and they repeat a lot of times in sections which seem to be focusing on melodies. (playing with velocity of the piano notes & humanizing them a little would do wonders)

As for the sound design, I love how you were able to find a lot of great samples and integrate them really well. It really enhances the experience. However, the instrument design could do with a little more timbre, as they feel a bit dry. The pad at 1:10 is a good example of this. Adding a little automation to the timbre of the wave, or something to remove uniformity from the instrument would be lovely. There are also a few places where some painful frequencies manage to escape, such as 0:53 and 2:50.

In summary: great song, but never stop looking to improve!

Ziondiac responds:

Thanks for the feedback and vote

Love the aesthetic, but would have liked to see you work on the sound design a bit more and structurally play with a few more musical ideas.

If this contest was about making a song that perfectly fit an image, I'm sure you'd win. Alas, there are a few things you could work on, such as playing with the dynamics of the droning bass to increase the diversity of the piece. After 3 minutes of the droning bass not changing, my ears started to get used to the texture, and it no longer felt special. One possible thing you could do is to add a section somewhere around the end where the tension of the piece starts increasing.

Would love to hear your work in the film industry one day!

LexRodent responds:

Thanks a lot mate ; That artwork it's so expressive on it's own, I was of afraid not being able to represent it with justice. Glad to know I did.
That's a great suggestion ; Maybe an automation to intensify the effect on the bass could help to keep it fresh all along the track.

Would love to make music for a short film in the future too.

I'm a person that makes cinematic, chiptune, and vgm with Ableton. I create songs on a nearly monthly basis. Use my songs for whatever, just pm me first! (^ w ^)

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