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Please tell us how to use controls.

I saw some glitches with the maze tiles try setting exact positions so they don't overlap as this is probably causing this and I can see your "win" text through the walls, you can change this to UI if you know how to use them.

Generally (and I see this a lot) put time into your games and don't post the first one you make(mine was bad as well).

Check the rotation again it doesn't seem to do what it should

shootokill23 responds:


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2:47 is super pog, and the rest of the song is also very nice nice nice. 1:40 has a really cool feeling, and does a good job building tension. The texture of 3:24 is also very thick and mwa.

A lot of the middle areas get quite overcompressed though. I'd like to see you do some sidechaining / mixing tweaks to fix up some of the unintended distortion.

In addition, the lead in the section around 1:14 is a bit too loud, since it drowns out the rest of the instruments. Bringing the instruments up would make the texture pop a bit more & feel extra detailed!

Love it!

Love all these ideas, they're all very evocative! It's a shame it's just a first draft, though I can tell you've gotten good at speed mixing because I can barely tell :) The transition in the middle is a quite abrupt and the rest could use some tweaking, but I wouldn't say any are bad.

Very awesome!

Everratic responds:

Thank you for the review! I feel like I've studied orchestral mixing long enough to know what to do in most situations, but every song comes with its unique challenges. In this case it was mixing the dry solo double bass and tenor saxophone with an orchestra recorded stereo in a hall. I spent more time mixing these two instruments than on composing.

there's a lot that's good about this piece, but I love 0:32

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Love all the details and your minimal use of contrasting colours. I also enjoy the fact that all the somewhat related items are positioned such that they fit around each other cleanly. Very appealing. Great job!

I fight a constant battle to make music on a monthly basis. Use my songs for whatever, just pm me first! (^ w ^)

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